Het verhaal van Aileen, oprichtster van Belly Armor

When I became pregnant with my first child, I was a banking executive who was constantly connected to my mobile phone, smart phone and laptop. Like most expectant mothers, I researched extensively on how to give my child the best start in life. All sources advised pregnant women to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid toxins like alcohol and certain chemicals – all of which I did diligently. However, one obvious component in my everyday life which concerned me, about which there was little advice, was the radiation-emitting devices that surrounded me at home and at work. What were the health impacts of those? I researched more into this “everyday radiation” exposure, and was shocked at what I discovered.

Increasingly, research was indicating potential health risks from everyday radiation (non-ionizing radiation emitted by sources like cell phones, computers, wireless towers and power lines). Already it was well-accepted that this type of radiation can have a biological impact and there was much confusion and debate around how it impacts our health. The concern is greatest for young children and during pregnancy when DNA replication and cell growth are at their highest rates. Compounding the risk is the exponential growth in wireless technologies over the past decade – today’s children will be exposed to levels of radiation unprecedented in human history. I worry that we are in that gap between scientific knowledge and public awareness. If history is any indication, it can takes years and even decades for scientific evidence to conclusively affirm health risks and then translate into policies to safeguard people (such was the case with tobacco, lead, asbestos, and x-rays).

In light of the emerging evidence and advice from health experts, I felt that more people, particularly those with children, needed to know. Concerned with the lack of awareness and options, my co-founders and I launched Belly Armor with a two-fold mission: (1) To increase awareness of this health issue so others can make more informed decisions for themselves and their families, and (2) to provide effective solutions and simple tips for those who want to lower their exposure.

We did this by bringing in expertise and relevant resources, and connecting with the scientific and medical community. Today, Belly Armor’s website is viewed by people all over the world, and our products are sold in more than 30 countries – a testament that many expecting and current parents worldwide have similar concerns about everyday radiation. Inspired by the feedback and support we have been receiving globally, the Belly Armor team is ever more dedicated to our mission.

No doubt technology has significant benefits for our lives. However, we should be more informed about their potential risks and utilize them more safely. It’s similar to taking simple but risk-reducing actions such as wearing seatbelts and staying within speed limits when driving cars. Most of us were not surrounded by electronic devices since birth, but our children will be for many more hours each day and many more decades than any of us were ever exposed to during our adult years.

Learn more on our website so you can decide what works best for your family. There are simple changes you can make in your life, and simple habits you can instill in your children which can benefit them in the years to come.

Inform yourself and your loved ones. Help us spread the word.

To a healthier tomorrow,

Co-Founder and CEO